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Obituary for Julia Anne Barroga

Julia Anne Barroga, 66, of Oakland, Maryland, passed away on Monday, Feb. 12, 2024.

Julia was an earth angel. She was the sweetest lady, seeing the beauty in others, and for this reason she easily befriended people. She was loved by many, which could only be matched by the many people she touched in her lifetime. She was a fiercely loyal friend.

Julia was a hippie at heart and a moon child in spirit. As a little girl, she wanted to be a cowgirl and a ballerina. Julia also had the most wonderfully quirky sense of humor and would entertain her boys whenever she got a chance. She was classically beautiful, and her style reflected this nature. Julia was equal parts New England Girl and California Girl.

Beautiful inside and out, Julia Anne Barroga (maiden name Bamford) was born at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C. on July 8, 1957. The daughter of the late Ronald William Bamford and Eva Frances (McIntire) Bamford, she was named after Julia Anne McIntire, a great aunt on her mother’s side of the family. They called her “Julie” as a nickname. Julia was brought home to her parents’ apartment at 20th St. NW in Washington, D.C. The apartment was part of the Rockledge building, which was owned by the McIntire Properties Corporation and managed by her maternal grandmother, the widowed Adella Edith (Rodeheaver) McIntire.

Julia never met her paternal grandfather Ronald McIntire, as he died before she was born. He passed away when Julia’s mother was fifteen years old. Ronald McIntire was a delegate in the Maryland State Legislature for Garrett County in the House of Delegates from 1947-1950. He was the owner of McIntire Hardware, a furniture & hardware store in Oakland, MD. After he died, Julia’s grandmother and Julia’s mother moved to Washington, D.C. so that Julia’s grandmother could manage the McIntire Properties Rockledge Apartments building on the edge of Rock Creek Park.

Both of her parents were graduates of the University of Maryland, of which her paternal grandfather (acclaimed & widely published botanist Dr. Ronald Bamford) was the Dean of the Graduate School of Science and Mathematics and later a Professor at the University of Vermont. Julia and her parents soon moved to a home they purchased in Levittown in Bucks County, PA. Her father had been hired by the Campbell Soup Company for work in Research & Development.

In 1960, Julia’s brother Christopher Bamford was born. Julia’s sister Cynthia Bamford was born in Gustine, CA in 1963 and her other sister Sandra Bamford was then born in Norwalk, CT in 1966. Their father took a position with Pepperidge Farm (owned by Campbell Soup Company), and the family moved to Redding, CT. Julia started kindergarten at Redding Elementary School. While Julia was in the first grade, her father was hired by Avocet Company (makers of Reddi-Wip whipped cream), and the family moved to Gustine, CA. Julia attended Gustine Elementary School.

Julia’s father was rehired by Pepperidge Farm and they moved back to Connecticut, this time to Ridgefield to the Mimosa Estates Development. Julia attended Scotland Elementary School, and the family attended St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. Her parents decided to build a custom house in Redding designed top to bottom by her mother Eva, so they moved back there.

Julia’s father developed many of the classic Pepperidge Farm cookies and snacks, including the original Goldfish crackers. He also developed and presented Pepperidge Farm Bread to NASA, which went to the moon on the Apollo 11 Humankind’s First Moon Landing.

Her father collected and personally worked on many classic cars, including foreign makes and models. He also co-owned, developed & operated a franchise called Dan Gurney’s Checkpoint America Auto Performance Shop in Westport, CT with American Formula One racing legend and Indy 500 winner Dan Gurney. Julia would often act as navigator for her father in local Connecticut amateur sport rally competitions.

Julia’s mother Eva was born in Oakland, Maryland in 1935. Julia’s mother held a degree in Interior Design from the University of Maryland and was an accomplished artist, decorator, watercolorist, and oil painter, as well as an interior & home designer. Julia’s grandmother, Adella, was a farm girl. Her family owned thousands of acres of farmland in Garrett County.

Julia grew up primarily in Redding, CT where she attended John Read Middle School and graduated from Joel Barlow High School in 1975 (among the highest regarded schools in the nation). After moving to Connecticut, Julia and her family would travel every summer down to Deep Creek Lake to her grandmother’s lake house.

Julia could swim in the lake before she could walk. She was like a fish in water, as they say. As a teenager in Connecticut, she was a certified lifeguard and was a Mystic Mariner living on and acting as a crew member on the Brilliant, the finest wooden double-masted schooner of its kind, at Mystic Seaport, CT. At Deep Creek Lake she loved to row.

Back in Connecticut she babysat for Mary Travers from Peter, Paul & Mary and hung out with jazz piano player Dave Brubeck’s sons, of whom she was very fond. Julia’s entrepreneurial parents also owned four boutique candle shops exclusively decorated by her mother Eva with handpicked antique display furniture, cases, and ornate decoration in Westport, Norwalk and Trumbull, CT and one on Martha’s Vineyard, MA co-owned by another couple. The shops were frequented by famous Westport, CT clients that included local residents Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, as well as visitors such as Eric Clapton, Alice Cooper, and Barbara Streisand, to name a few.

One of her closest friends was Chris Brown, the son of the creator of the syndicated comic “Hagar the Horrible,” who inherited the comic and included Julia and her friends as characters in the daily comics. She was also good friends with John Wren, a very talented artist for DC Comics who drew for Stan Lee on the Spider-Man Series.

After high school, Julia worked as a journalist for Connecticut’s Weston Forum until she moved to California as a young adult. She had several jobs, among which was as a fashion consultant and model.

Julia married when she was 21 years old and bought property in the Fresno Foothills with her husband, Kenneth Barroga. She became pregnant soon after moving there. On the weekend she and her husband would drive to the coast to beat the heat of the Central Valley. They fell in love with the seaside of Monterey County and subsequently sold their property for a Victorian home in Monterey.

They soon welcomed their first son, Devin Drew Barroga, on February 12, 1980. While living in the area, Julia opened an antique store named Julia’s Victorian & Eclectic Antiques. People would travel far and wide to buy her custom-crafted displays. She loved Monterey, but decided it wasn’t the best place to raise a family of small children. So, she explored up north and found the most charming little town called La Selva Beach. On June 20, 1983, they welcomed their second son Ian MacIntyre Barroga. Julia’s third son, Andrew James Barroga, was welcomed on October 15, 1985.

In 1998, Julia brought home a puppy to be part of the family, a lovely Sheltie she named Bonnie Wee Caitlin, or Caitlin for short. The dog was like a daughter to Julia. They would go on countless adventures together. They enjoyed driving up and down Scenic Highway 1 while blasting music, because they were both bona fide rock and roll girls. As avid travelers, Julia and Caitlin took flights to various places, including Connecticut and their Deep Creek Lake cottage. They also enjoyed taking long walks at various beaches in California.

Julia had many interests and accomplishments. For one, she studied dance from a young age. Her teacher said she had the best leg extensions she had ever seen. Nonetheless, instead of pursuing a future in ballet, Julia decided to concentrate on horseback riding.

Julia is remembered by many for riding her horse MoonShadow (named after the song by recording artist Cat Stevens) through the forests and fields of Redding, CT. While living in California, she boarded her horses at Morning Sun Ranch in Santa Cruz, CA. Around 1996, she and her husband purchased a horse property on the outskirts of La Selva Beach where she trained horses and gave horseback riding lessons. The property was located near the ocean, and she often rode her horses on the beach.

Julia had a sweet singing voice, loved playing guitar, and instilled a lifelong love of music in her children. Her favorite piece of music was Winter by Vivaldi. She also loved Joni Mitchell and wanted to write her official biography. She even played electric guitar in a band called Purple Haze during her teenage years.

Julia started storyhour at the La Selva Beach Branch Library in the 1980s. While living and raising her sons in California, Julia went back to school, studied early childhood development, and then became a preschool teacher at Community Interplay in Watsonville, CA. She also volunteered with outreach programs for migrant workers’ children. Julia served as a deacon at La Selva Beach Community Church for many years. She was also an environmental activist, having fought and won the battle to ban the use of highly toxic fumigation of flower crops in the middle of her California neighborhood. Julia was a double threat – both brains and beauty.

Julia and her former spouse, Kenneth Barroga, divorced after nearly 30 years of marriage. She decided to move to her cottage on Deep Creek Lake, named Greenbriar Cottage, built in 1935 as one of the original lake cottages. Julia would often lay on the couch in front of the fire with her lovely Sheltie Caitlin. She loved the lake area and being back on the East Coast to reconnect with her joyous past.

Julia stood out as a loving mother, educator, dancer, spiritual healer, activist, animal lover, musician, writer, model, avid gardener, antique specialist, and accomplished equestrian.

Over the last few years, Julia rekindled her faith in God and Jesus.

Julia loved traveling, but even more so loved instilling a sense of home. She dedicated her life to raising her three boys.

Two of Julia’s favorite quotes:
“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.” – John Lennon (included as the chosen quote in her Senior Yearbook from Joel Barlow High in Redding, CT)

“Music was my first love. And it will be my last. Music of the future. And music of the past.” – John Miles

Poem in memory of Julia:
Whispers carried along
the Carmel salty sea breeze
To hear the calling of the ancestors
You held on to a note of hope
One that brought promise of unconditional love
That love is carried along the breeze again
But not by sea
We listen as generations sing
You are the beauty & heart
You are love
You are mother

Julia is survived by her three sons, Devin Drew Barroga of Maryland, Ian MacIntyre Barroga of Maryland, and Andrew James Barroga of California; one brother, Christopher Bamford; two sisters, Cynthia Bamford and Sandra Bamford; former spouse, Kenneth James Barroga; nephews, Felipe Barroga of Hawaii, Christopher Anderson of California, James Anderson of Washington, Dustin Bamford of California, and Keegan Bamford of California; and nieces, Christine Kress of Hawaii and Claire DeRama of Hawaii.

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